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Cardiovascular disease is being the number one cause of death in the world and still become a major health problem globally throughout the world. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2022 around 17.9 million people in the world died from cardiovascular disease, which one third of it occur in the young population. Management of cardiovascular disease become a concern to the government because of the increasing trend of cardiovascular deaths in Indonesia.

Cardiovascular medicine continues to develop especially in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields. Updating knowledge on a regular basis can assist in diagnosing, providing therapy and preventing cardiovascular disease in the community. Up-to-date guidelines on diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, prevention, and rehabilitative are urgently needed in daily practice. An integrative and holistic approach to the management of cardiovascular disease is needed to obtain the expected results.

The 12th Bali Cardiology Update (BAC-UP) is an annual event organized by The Indonesia Heart Association, Bali Branch. This event focuses on the latest cardiovascular disease management based on the latest guidelines, expertise and research.

The aim of this event is to add insight, skills, knowledge, competence and confidence to participants in dealing with cases in the cardiovascular field as well as improve services and increase quality of life for the community, and assist government programs in reducing mortality and morbidity due to cardiovascular disease in Indonesia. The material presented is in the form of an interactive symposium and parallel workshop which will discuss the latest issues regarding cardiovascular problems with the expert panelist in a comprehensive and integrative manner.


Agung Pradnyana Suwirya, MD, FIHA, FAPSC

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